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4 Chic Accessories for the Busy College Girl

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first-year college student or a seasoned junior, the beginning of the semester on college campuses is the start of different classes, challenging clubs, and new study buddies. Between your 300-level chemistry course and intense English literature reading list, you don’t have time to overthink your outfit every day.

Here are four chic accessories that are life-saving staples for the busy college girl’s closet:

Versatile Scarf

Since autumn is the season of pumpkin spice lattes, leggings, and pullover sweaters, why not throw a scarf into your fashion uniform too? The perfect scarf will match the range of colors that your closet already focuses on. For the more artistically inclined, choose an artisan scarf with a gorgeous print that will transition well from autumn into winter. This European fashion staple has made its way into American fashion in several different ways over the years, but the oversized modal scarf is where it’s at.

Style your go-to scarf with knee-length dresses, sweaters paired with jeans, or over a structured and classic trench coat. Whether you decide to drape it around your neck without looping it or go for a more infinity scarf style, this accessory is stylish and weather appropriate. Your mom would be proud.

Minimalist Necklace

If you pay attention to fashion and style icons on Instagram, you know that minimalist jewelry is in. Pick out a simplistic gold or silver necklace that is a comfortable length and goes with the majority of the necklines of your shirts and dresses. If you’re a fan of lengthier chains, choose one with a pendant at the end to balance out where the eye is drawn.

To determine if you should wear a silver or gold necklace, check the underside of your wrist. If the veins look bluer, you have cooler undertones. You also might tend to burn more easily. Those with cool undertones look best in silver jewelry. If the veins on the underside of your wrist look more green and you tan easily, you have warmer undertones. Those with warmer undertones often find that gold jewelry complements their skin tone better. If you’re somewhere in the middle, try both to see which colors you lean toward.

Leather Journal

Who said you have to wear all of your accessories? As a college student, your note-taking supplies are just as much a part of your outfit as the shirt you picked out this morning. Plus, since you use your notebook every single day, you probably want something you love looking at and writing in.

Pick out a leather journal that will withstand the hurricane inside your backpack while making a chic statement. Choose an artisan notebook that manifests your creative drive.

Floral iPhone Case

Believe it or not, your iPhone case can be a fashion statement, too. Florals are super popular at the moment, especially among fast-fashion stylists. Thankfully florals never really go out of style, but show up in different expressions depending on the season.

Style your beloved tech accessory with a tough iPhone case that withstands you dropping it all over campus but still reflects your stylish personality. The best cases will last you longer than a semester and protect your iPhone from everything you put it through.

About VIDA

VIDA is the cool girl’s one-stop shop. They transform artwork from artists around the world into affordable fashion. Find your perfect artful accessory by snagging an artisan scarf, chic jewelry, and vibrantly printed clutches. A global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry, VIDA believes in zero waste and only crafts items once they are ordered.

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5 Ways to Dress Like The “It” Girl Without Breaking a Sweat

We all want to be her--that girl dressed so effortlessly cool that you swear she has style pumping through her veins. She roams the city looking like she’s ready to take the world by storm. She’s intimidating and gorgeous. The it girl isn’t beyond your grasp. Anyone can be an it girl with the right wardrobe and enough confidence.


It girls are not bound by convention or concerned with the rules of style. They forge through life confidently, making their own rules--for style and everything else. Embrace quirky accessories and search for uncommon pieces that set you apart from the crowd. Bold colors, bizarre prints, and wearable art are all fair game for an it girl. To look like an it girl wherever you are:



Wrap It Up


A gorgeous silk scarf elevates any outfit. A scarf can change the attitude of an outfit entirely. Add a bold scarf to a plain outfit, tie it up in your hair, go full boho by pairing it with a kimono and a great wool hat, rock it as a headband, wear it as a choker and pair with dainty necklaces, the options are endless. Search for a unique one-off rather than a mass-market production, like this daring print scarf from Vida titled “floating.”


Mix and Match


Cool girls are not afraid to mix pieces that wouldn’t normally go together. No rules remember?  Pair messy boyfriend jeans with a crisp silk blouse or over-the-top sequin tank that you’d normally reserve for a night out. Mix holey summer shorts with tights and blazer. Combine a super girly dress (frills, lace, ruffles, floral) with a rugged leather motorcycle jacket. Team up a chunky winter sweater with a short miniskirt and boots. Because the rules don’t apply, you can’t break them.


Brandish Artful Accessories


Items that tell a story are always cool, and so are the girls that wear them. Wear the stories you’ve lived by investing in unexpected items while traveling, at the farmer’s market or thrifting. Jewelry, a great scarf, a fab purse, it doesn’t matter as long as you choose what you love.


When in doubt, add lipstick


Lipstick is transformative. It heightens your style, and you can’t help but feeling posh while wearing it. Go bold and stick with a classic red or throw caution to the wind and wear a vampy purple. The braver, the better.


About VIDA


VIDA is the cool girl’s one-stop shop. They transform artwork from artists around the world into affordable fashion. Find your perfect artful accessory by snagging an artisan scarf, chic jewelry, and vibrantly printed clutches. Check out their exclusive Cher Collection of jewel-toned leather accessories inspired by her personal collection of Moroccan artifacts.


A global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry, VIDA believes in zero waste and only crafts items once they are ordered.


Shop accessible quality at Shopvida.com


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VIDA’s collaboration with artists and designers from around the world has created a diverse collection of chic scarves and other fashion accessories. Pair an artist-inspired Modal scarf with a summer dress or add one of their popular silk scarves to your wardrobe essentials. Their soft and luxurious fabric keeps you comfortable and features beautiful designs, including collections by Cher and Shehzil Malik


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Summer 2018 Fashion Editorial for Everyday Accessories

Vibrant colors, luxurious texture, and artist-inspired prints are the ruling trends of 2018 summer fashion. Rather than drop an exorbitant amount of cash on a baker’s hat you’ll wear once, there are several affordable accessories sure to stay on trend this summer and beyond. Staying away from the more niche fashion fads (good-bye, fanny packs), here’s a list of chic accessories to style your summer wardrobe. 


Jewel-Toned Palettes


From an emerald green scarf to sapphire blue earrings, vibrant jewel-toned colors have captured the creative hearts of designers everywhere. Bold hues with simple metallic accents are everywhere this summer. These jewel-inspired colors make for great statements transitioning from summer to fall wardrobes, too, especially ruby reds and royal purples. 



Style a jewel-colored silk scarf with an ultra-soft midi dress that impresses at work and inspires your fashion-inclined friends at happy hour. If the infamous thigh-high ruby red boots currently trending aren’t your style, a red floral wrap is a perfect go-to accessory for any summer outfit. 


Chic Crossbody Bags


The sophisticated alternative to the belt bag fad, small crossbody bags have become the ultra-convenient accessory for 2018 summer style. Bulky bags have been left behind in favor of more streamlined designs, especially clutches with thin leather straps.


Less is definitely more with this accessory. However, that doesn’t mean that bright colors are out of the equation. Vibrant prints and unique designs have overtaken minimalist and neutral colors of the last few years. Make a chic statement with an artisan-printed clutch bag that’s easy to style for work outfits and coffee dates alike. Match the bag’s leather strap with a pair of comfy faux leather sandals for a more coordinated look. 


Texture, Texture, Texture 


Ultra-soft fabrics, shimmy sequined apparel, and breezy knits stood out amongst the best accessory trends for summer 2018 fashion. Leather is back in style, especially with accessories. Look for fashion brands, like VIDA, which use Zero Waste production to sustainably craft printed leather wallets and clutches. Fashionable travel accessories for summer adventures, from passport covers to luggage tags, are great ways to express your favorite style trends, like mandala prints and floral vibes to add texture and color to your summer wardrobe.  


Lightweight materials with ultra-soft texture are the summer fashion favorite across the board. Breathable fabrics for warm weather, like merino wool and cotton, drape beautifully as scarves, blouses, and wraps. Don’t underestimate the timeless look of a versatile wrap. Style one this summer by wearing a soft jewel-toned scarf during the day that transitions to a warm wrap at night. 


About VIDA


Looking for artistic everyday accessories leading summer 2018 trends? VIDA transforms artwork from artists around the world into affordable fashion. From ultra-soft lightweight wraps to vibrantly printed clutches, their elegant accessories are perfect for any summer wardrobe style. Check out their exclusive Cher Collection of jewel-toned leather accessories inspired by her personal collection of Moroccan artifacts.


VIDA is a global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry. Find a gorgeously printed silk scarf, artisan tote bag, and other chic accessories designed by artists around the world. 


To discover artistic accessories and browse best-selling collections, visit Shopvida.com 



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VIDA is a high-end brand that carries soft and elegant scarves designed by artists from around the world. Every scarf is custom made with luxurious materials, showcasing vibrant prints and modern designs by skilled artisans. VIDA’s artists hail from Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, and dozens of other countries to cultivate a diverse collection of hundreds of unique designs.


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Spring Accessories That Refresh Your Work Wardrobe

With Spring 2018 in full swing, choosing accessories that celebrate warmer weather can be difficult after months of cold weather fashion. These compelling accessories are timeless yet fashionable choices for any woman’s wardrobe, including versatile options that transition across outfits and seasons. Spring accessories that transcend the micro trends can be challenging to find without being too eccentric or uncomfortable. Here are a variety of accessories to freshen and renew any spring wardrobe.



Silk Scarf


This versatile accessory can be paired with almost every item in your wardrobe, from professional dresses and power suits to glamorous night outfits and Saturday brunch ensembles. Look for spring and summer colors that mimic florals and rich greens and blues. Choosing a luxurious silk square scarf can elevate any outfit from basic to chic. Scarves made with 100% natural charmeuse silk emit light and shiny finishes, and certain sizes can also be used as head wraps, making this adaptable accessory functional and fashionable. 


Sheer Wrap


A must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, a sheer wrap is a timeless accessory that can be paired with countless outfits. Block-printed sheer wraps are simply chic, while florals and mixed prints follow modern summer trends. Look for sheer wraps that are lightweight but also have a matte finish. From dresses to denim, beach days to sophisticated nights out, a versatile sheer wrap takes a step up from a smaller scarf to transform outfits with elegance. 


Printed Wallet


After using the same plain-Jane wallet for a few years, it is time to upgrade to a more sophisticated wallet. Leather wallets with original prints that combine vibrant but chic colors are a great accessory that easily transitions from spring to summer. “Less is more” definitely applies here, so look for simplistic organization inside. Decluttering is part of spring, and your wallet should be part of spring cleaning rituals. No need to match purses and wallets any longer, as versatility is essential to choosing a high-quality wallet that lasts through seasons and trends. 


Smartphone Case


Smartphones are recent daily essentials, so why not treat them like the accessories that they are? Choose a chic smartphone case to replace older and well-used versions that show the wear and tear of daily usage. Luxe matte finishes pair perfectly with any outfit, but verify that the case is shatterproof and protects smartphones from occasional drops and falls. 


Coordinate a color palette between scarves, smartphone cases, bags, and wallets for effortless chic with any outfit. VIDA offers all of these accessories and more, partnering with talented artists to bring unique designs and prints to exceptional wardrobes. These spring accessories are fashionable yet fresh while transitioning successfully into the summer season. 


About VIDA


VIDA is a global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry. Consumers can find a gorgeously printed silk scarf, tote bag, and other accessories and garments designed by artists around the world. 


To discover artistic accessories and browse collections, visit Shopvida.com 




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Artistic Accessories for Mother’s Day Gifts

Finding gifts that are worthy of Mother’s Day seems to get more and more difficult,even when you have a good sense of mom’s tastes or hobbies. Not every mom knits or quilts, are master chefs, or avidly read best-sellers. However, every mom appreciates a hand-picked gift that beautifully fits into her wardrobe, especially one-of-a-kind accessories that last through fashion trends and seasons. Equally perfect for the career-driven boss mom or the invested homemaker, artistic accessories that reflect mom’s style and beauty. Every superwoman deserves a gift on Mother’s Day, whether you’re your mom, grandma, in-laws, or supportive mentors. Show them your love and appreciation with unique accessories that are made to last.



Handmade scarves printed with gorgeous designs are tasteful at every age, especially luxuriously soft silk models that transition easily from season to season. Look in your mom’s closet and determine which colors she regularly chooses, and from there look for a scarf that complements her existing wardrobe. Take some time to thoughtfully search for a 100% natural silk scarf, which ensures that it will be luxuriously soft and easily goes from a day to night look. If your mom tends to follow the trends, pick out a vibrant print that complements her bold and beautiful style. Or, if she sticks to timeless shapes and colors, scarves that follow fluid designs with neutral tones effortlessly compliment any cultivated wardrobe. 


For a practical yet chic accessory, a printed tote bag can be the ideal gift for moms on-the-go. Great for young mothers that carry snacks, diapers, or band-aids with them wherever they go, large tote bags made of sturdy and weather-resistant fabric will be sincerely appreciated and well-used by any mom. For the fashionable and trendy mom, look for tote bags with sassy statements and powerful prints. More feminine designs, like florals or symmetrical prints, are a beautiful and timeless statement accessory. For an extra touch, pair a scarf and tote bag together and tie the scarf around the tote bag straps when giving it to the superwoman in your life. 


Completely lost on where to start looking for artistic accessories for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? VIDA has cultivated a Mother’s Day collection of their feminine favorites and vibrant prints handpicked from artists around the world. Committed to making sure each product is made with eco-friendly practices and impacts the community it is produced in; every accessory is dedicated to supporting a social impact. For the ultimate gift that is not only for mom, look at VIDA’s gorgeously made and luxuriously printed accessories.


About VIDA


VIDA is a global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry. Find a gorgeously printed silk scarf, tote bag, and other accessories and garments designed by artists around the world. 


To discover artistic accessories and browse collections, visit Shopvida.com 




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The Hidden Power and Creativity of the Scarf

At first glance, a scarf might not seem like much—just a simple length of colored fabric. However, the more one delves into the history of scarves, the more one realizes the immense and varied power of these pieces of clothing.




Most obviously, scarves have been used in Western countries as a fashion accessory. This practice goes back to the 18th century (if not earlier), when women began wearing large kerchiefs or “fichus” to cover bodices with low necklines. The trend started in the UK and became popular in the United States and France.



In addition to helping women maintain an air of modesty, fichus and scarves could add a touch of flair to an ensemble. In the early days of the scarf, one especially popular style was a lightweight shawl made of silk and cashmere. Napoleon’s first wife, Empress Joséphine, had an impressively large collection of them.


Status and Prestige


Scarves are still a mainstay of high fashion. As such, a scarf can also signify one’s social and financial status. In the 1950s, French couturiers like the House of Dior would send limited edition scarvesto valued, longtime clients as a way of saying, “Thank you.” The famous New York restaurant 21 did the same thing—its owners commissioned pieces from major designers and sent them to regulars up until the 1970s.


Today, brands like Echo and especially Hermès are known for their beautiful, finely crafted scarves. Their ads and marketing emphasize the idea that their pieces embody class and sophistication.


Artistic Expression


Scarves have also provided a space for artists to experiment. In the 1940s, Ascher London owner Zika Ascher reached out to artists for a design that the company could print as a scarf. The people who said “yes” are an impressive group—it includes Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.


40s art critic Sacheverell Sitwell called Ascher’s “Artist Squares” project “something like a revolution.” He went on to declare, “Not a few of these Ascher scarves will be framed upon walls a hundred years from now, for they are among the best and most characteristic products of our day.”


VIDA is proud to offer scarves, wraps, jewelry and other finely crafted yet affordable pieces by artists from around the globe. The company uses direct-to-fabric digital printing to produce items at scale and share its designers’ visions with the world.


About VIDA


VIDA is a global partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected world community. Customers can find a scarf, a sleeveless top and other garments and accessories designed by artists from all over the world.


For more information and to browse the company’s collection, visit Shopvida.com



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Shop Stunning Scarf for Woman Online from VIDA    

VIDA offers an exclusive collection of scarves including bags, wallets and other accessories at affordable rates. Our range of scarf is a perfect blend of cashmere and silk, featuring unique and elegant designs.

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Source: http://shopvida.com/collections/scarves