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Summer 2018 Fashion Editorial for Everyday Accessories

Vibrant colors, luxurious texture, and artist-inspired prints are the ruling trends of 2018 summer fashion. Rather than drop an exorbitant amount of cash on a baker’s hat you’ll wear once, there are several affordable accessories sure to stay on trend this summer and beyond. Staying away from the more niche fashion fads (good-bye, fanny packs), here’s a list of chic accessories to style your summer wardrobe. 


Jewel-Toned Palettes


From an emerald green scarf to sapphire blue earrings, vibrant jewel-toned colors have captured the creative hearts of designers everywhere. Bold hues with simple metallic accents are everywhere this summer. These jewel-inspired colors make for great statements transitioning from summer to fall wardrobes, too, especially ruby reds and royal purples. 



Style a jewel-colored silk scarf with an ultra-soft midi dress that impresses at work and inspires your fashion-inclined friends at happy hour. If the infamous thigh-high ruby red boots currently trending aren’t your style, a red floral wrap is a perfect go-to accessory for any summer outfit. 


Chic Crossbody Bags


The sophisticated alternative to the belt bag fad, small crossbody bags have become the ultra-convenient accessory for 2018 summer style. Bulky bags have been left behind in favor of more streamlined designs, especially clutches with thin leather straps.


Less is definitely more with this accessory. However, that doesn’t mean that bright colors are out of the equation. Vibrant prints and unique designs have overtaken minimalist and neutral colors of the last few years. Make a chic statement with an artisan-printed clutch bag that’s easy to style for work outfits and coffee dates alike. Match the bag’s leather strap with a pair of comfy faux leather sandals for a more coordinated look. 


Texture, Texture, Texture 


Ultra-soft fabrics, shimmy sequined apparel, and breezy knits stood out amongst the best accessory trends for summer 2018 fashion. Leather is back in style, especially with accessories. Look for fashion brands, like VIDA, which use Zero Waste production to sustainably craft printed leather wallets and clutches. Fashionable travel accessories for summer adventures, from passport covers to luggage tags, are great ways to express your favorite style trends, like mandala prints and floral vibes to add texture and color to your summer wardrobe.  


Lightweight materials with ultra-soft texture are the summer fashion favorite across the board. Breathable fabrics for warm weather, like merino wool and cotton, drape beautifully as scarves, blouses, and wraps. Don’t underestimate the timeless look of a versatile wrap. Style one this summer by wearing a soft jewel-toned scarf during the day that transitions to a warm wrap at night. 


About VIDA


Looking for artistic everyday accessories leading summer 2018 trends? VIDA transforms artwork from artists around the world into affordable fashion. From ultra-soft lightweight wraps to vibrantly printed clutches, their elegant accessories are perfect for any summer wardrobe style. Check out their exclusive Cher Collection of jewel-toned leather accessories inspired by her personal collection of Moroccan artifacts.


VIDA is a global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry. Find a gorgeously printed silk scarf, artisan tote bag, and other chic accessories designed by artists around the world. 


To discover artistic accessories and browse best-selling collections, visit Shopvida.com 



Original Source: https://goo.gl/jqCzWV