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5 Ways to Dress Like The “It” Girl Without Breaking a Sweat

We all want to be her--that girl dressed so effortlessly cool that you swear she has style pumping through her veins. She roams the city looking like she’s ready to take the world by storm. She’s intimidating and gorgeous. The it girl isn’t beyond your grasp. Anyone can be an it girl with the right wardrobe and enough confidence.


It girls are not bound by convention or concerned with the rules of style. They forge through life confidently, making their own rules--for style and everything else. Embrace quirky accessories and search for uncommon pieces that set you apart from the crowd. Bold colors, bizarre prints, and wearable art are all fair game for an it girl. To look like an it girl wherever you are:



Wrap It Up


A gorgeous silk scarf elevates any outfit. A scarf can change the attitude of an outfit entirely. Add a bold scarf to a plain outfit, tie it up in your hair, go full boho by pairing it with a kimono and a great wool hat, rock it as a headband, wear it as a choker and pair with dainty necklaces, the options are endless. Search for a unique one-off rather than a mass-market production, like this daring print scarf from Vida titled “floating.”


Mix and Match


Cool girls are not afraid to mix pieces that wouldn’t normally go together. No rules remember?  Pair messy boyfriend jeans with a crisp silk blouse or over-the-top sequin tank that you’d normally reserve for a night out. Mix holey summer shorts with tights and blazer. Combine a super girly dress (frills, lace, ruffles, floral) with a rugged leather motorcycle jacket. Team up a chunky winter sweater with a short miniskirt and boots. Because the rules don’t apply, you can’t break them.


Brandish Artful Accessories


Items that tell a story are always cool, and so are the girls that wear them. Wear the stories you’ve lived by investing in unexpected items while traveling, at the farmer’s market or thrifting. Jewelry, a great scarf, a fab purse, it doesn’t matter as long as you choose what you love.


When in doubt, add lipstick


Lipstick is transformative. It heightens your style, and you can’t help but feeling posh while wearing it. Go bold and stick with a classic red or throw caution to the wind and wear a vampy purple. The braver, the better.


About VIDA


VIDA is the cool girl’s one-stop shop. They transform artwork from artists around the world into affordable fashion. Find your perfect artful accessory by snagging an artisan scarf, chic jewelry, and vibrantly printed clutches. Check out their exclusive Cher Collection of jewel-toned leather accessories inspired by her personal collection of Moroccan artifacts.


A global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry, VIDA believes in zero waste and only crafts items once they are ordered.


Shop accessible quality at Shopvida.com


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