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4 Chic Accessories for the Busy College Girl

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first-year college student or a seasoned junior, the beginning of the semester on college campuses is the start of different classes, challenging clubs, and new study buddies. Between your 300-level chemistry course and intense English literature reading list, you don’t have time to overthink your outfit every day.

Here are four chic accessories that are life-saving staples for the busy college girl’s closet:

Versatile Scarf

Since autumn is the season of pumpkin spice lattes, leggings, and pullover sweaters, why not throw a scarf into your fashion uniform too? The perfect scarf will match the range of colors that your closet already focuses on. For the more artistically inclined, choose an artisan scarf with a gorgeous print that will transition well from autumn into winter. This European fashion staple has made its way into American fashion in several different ways over the years, but the oversized modal scarf is where it’s at.

Style your go-to scarf with knee-length dresses, sweaters paired with jeans, or over a structured and classic trench coat. Whether you decide to drape it around your neck without looping it or go for a more infinity scarf style, this accessory is stylish and weather appropriate. Your mom would be proud.

Minimalist Necklace

If you pay attention to fashion and style icons on Instagram, you know that minimalist jewelry is in. Pick out a simplistic gold or silver necklace that is a comfortable length and goes with the majority of the necklines of your shirts and dresses. If you’re a fan of lengthier chains, choose one with a pendant at the end to balance out where the eye is drawn.

To determine if you should wear a silver or gold necklace, check the underside of your wrist. If the veins look bluer, you have cooler undertones. You also might tend to burn more easily. Those with cool undertones look best in silver jewelry. If the veins on the underside of your wrist look more green and you tan easily, you have warmer undertones. Those with warmer undertones often find that gold jewelry complements their skin tone better. If you’re somewhere in the middle, try both to see which colors you lean toward.

Leather Journal

Who said you have to wear all of your accessories? As a college student, your note-taking supplies are just as much a part of your outfit as the shirt you picked out this morning. Plus, since you use your notebook every single day, you probably want something you love looking at and writing in.

Pick out a leather journal that will withstand the hurricane inside your backpack while making a chic statement. Choose an artisan notebook that manifests your creative drive.

Floral iPhone Case

Believe it or not, your iPhone case can be a fashion statement, too. Florals are super popular at the moment, especially among fast-fashion stylists. Thankfully florals never really go out of style, but show up in different expressions depending on the season.

Style your beloved tech accessory with a tough iPhone case that withstands you dropping it all over campus but still reflects your stylish personality. The best cases will last you longer than a semester and protect your iPhone from everything you put it through.

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