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Artistic Accessories for Mother’s Day Gifts

Finding gifts that are worthy of Mother’s Day seems to get more and more difficult,even when you have a good sense of mom’s tastes or hobbies. Not every mom knits or quilts, are master chefs, or avidly read best-sellers. However, every mom appreciates a hand-picked gift that beautifully fits into her wardrobe, especially one-of-a-kind accessories that last through fashion trends and seasons. Equally perfect for the career-driven boss mom or the invested homemaker, artistic accessories that reflect mom’s style and beauty. Every superwoman deserves a gift on Mother’s Day, whether you’re your mom, grandma, in-laws, or supportive mentors. Show them your love and appreciation with unique accessories that are made to last.



Handmade scarves printed with gorgeous designs are tasteful at every age, especially luxuriously soft silk models that transition easily from season to season. Look in your mom’s closet and determine which colors she regularly chooses, and from there look for a scarf that complements her existing wardrobe. Take some time to thoughtfully search for a 100% natural silk scarf, which ensures that it will be luxuriously soft and easily goes from a day to night look. If your mom tends to follow the trends, pick out a vibrant print that complements her bold and beautiful style. Or, if she sticks to timeless shapes and colors, scarves that follow fluid designs with neutral tones effortlessly compliment any cultivated wardrobe. 


For a practical yet chic accessory, a printed tote bag can be the ideal gift for moms on-the-go. Great for young mothers that carry snacks, diapers, or band-aids with them wherever they go, large tote bags made of sturdy and weather-resistant fabric will be sincerely appreciated and well-used by any mom. For the fashionable and trendy mom, look for tote bags with sassy statements and powerful prints. More feminine designs, like florals or symmetrical prints, are a beautiful and timeless statement accessory. For an extra touch, pair a scarf and tote bag together and tie the scarf around the tote bag straps when giving it to the superwoman in your life. 


Completely lost on where to start looking for artistic accessories for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? VIDA has cultivated a Mother’s Day collection of their feminine favorites and vibrant prints handpicked from artists around the world. Committed to making sure each product is made with eco-friendly practices and impacts the community it is produced in; every accessory is dedicated to supporting a social impact. For the ultimate gift that is not only for mom, look at VIDA’s gorgeously made and luxuriously printed accessories.


About VIDA


VIDA is a global artistic partnership that aims to reinvent commerce for today’s interconnected fashion industry. Find a gorgeously printed silk scarf, tote bag, and other accessories and garments designed by artists around the world. 


To discover artistic accessories and browse collections, visit Shopvida.com 




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